The United States or the United States is a country famous for its leading educational development in the world. Studying in the US is the golden key for young people to open the path to success and development in the future. However, to be able to study in this country you need to meet a lot of strict standards.

So what are the current conditions for studying in the US in 2022? The following share will help you update detailed information on this issue.

Age requirements to study in the US
One of the conditions for young people to study in the US before applying for a study abroad program in the US is the age of participation. The United States does not set any age requirements for students to register to study in this country.

Thus, no matter what age you are, you are eligible to attend all levels of education in the US. As long as you are certified by American educational institutions, you can apply for a visa and enroll at any level of study.

Therefore, the age requirement to study in the US is a problem that young people do not need to worry about when applying to study abroad.

Conditions for studying abroad in the US
In addition to age, qualifications are the next US study abroad condition you need to find out. Depending on the level of study, the school you attend will have different qualifications.

Normally, the condition to study in the US is that students must achieve an average GPA or higher and English certificates according to the regulations of the school.

Conditions for studying in the US for high school students, a GPA > 8 is a safe score to help you enter any school. For young people who want to participate in undergraduate and graduate programs, they must achieve the required level through exams such as: general GRE test, GRE specialized test, GMAT, SAT I, etc. SAT II…

Each school will have different qualifications, so you need to find out the details of each school's requirements to have a suitable registration plan based on your level.

English requirements to study in the US
The most important and necessary condition for studying in the US for young people is English proficiency. Foreign language proficiency not only helps you to easily acquire knowledge when studying, but also a condition for you to adapt to life in the US. Similar to the academic level, English requirements at all levels, schools also have different requirements.

Conditions for studying in the US for high school students, you may not need English certificates but need to pass the SLEP test with a score of over 45.

American colleges and universities require students to have TOEFL iBT from 61 to 79 points, IELTS from about 5.5 to 6.5 or higher

If you are looking for conditions to study in the US, try to invest in developing your English level. Achieving the conditions prescribed by the schools is not easy, it requires you to have a long learning and trying process.

Conditions for applying for a US student visa
Conditions for making a US study visa include two types of documents, which are admission documents and visa applications. Below are the specific conditions for studying in the US for each type of application for your reference.

1. How do I apply for admission to meet the conditions for studying in the US?
To be eligible to study in the US to apply for admission to high schools, colleges, universities and graduate schools in the US, you need to meet all of the following basic conditions:

  • In terms of studying in the US, learners fill out an application form according to the available form provided by the school
  • Academic transcripts, transcripts of students in Vietnam and have been translated into English on request
  • Under the conditions of studying in the US, students achieve GPA and English proficiency according to the regulations of the school you are applying to study abroad.
  • Students with required English certificates
  • To be eligible to study in the US, international students need to present all the certificates such as: SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL ... in accordance with the conditions set forth to study in the US.
  • Graduation from Middle School, High School, University, College (most recent program)
  • Copy of valid passport
  • For those who are studying, a student identification card or student card is required
  • You need to write an essay in English to show your foreign language proficiency and show your personality, thereby creating sympathy for schools that want to participate in the study.
  • You need a letter of recommendation from a teacher or a qualified person to prove that you are eligible to study in the US.
  • Students pay the application fee from about 35 USD to 100 USD depending on the regulations of the school
After you submit your application, schools will review and respond to your study request. If the application is accepted, the school will send Form I-20 so that you can continue to apply for a Visa and enter the US to study. However, to be able to apply for a student visa, you need to prepare a number of prescribed fees.

2. Conditions for visa to study in the US
Conditions for studying in the US for international students' visa issues are quite complicated. To be able to be granted a visa to enter the United States, learners need to prepare the following basic documents:

- Documents to apply for a US student visa
The necessary documents for students to apply for a US student visa are:

  • Invitation letter from the school
  • Online visa application form
  • Student's passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Visa interview appointment schedule
  • I- 20
  • Card photo size 5 x 5 cm
  • Visa fee receipt
  • Degrees, transcripts, foreign language certificates
  • Scores of exams according to the regulations of the school you register to attend
Documents proving financial as prescribed when applying for a US student visa (you need to prove that you are eligible to pay tuition fees and living expenses when studying)
In addition to the above documents, students need to submit a number of other documents depending on the regulations of the schools. Therefore, to be eligible to study in the US, you need to carefully study the regulations on visa applications so that you can quickly complete the procedure.

Once you have prepared your documents, follow these steps to apply for a visa:

Step 1: Fill out Form I-20, complete the US student visa application form
Step 2: Pay visa application fee, SEVIS fee
Step 3: Schedule an appointment for a visa interview
Step 4: Interview for visa at the embassy

Financial conditions to study in the US
It can be said that the most difficult condition to study in the US for students in Vietnam is the financial problem. The United States is a country that has strict financial requirements for students. Young people who want to register for a study program at school need to meet the requirements of living expenses, tuition fees, travel expenses ...

Although there is no specific amount to prove, on Form I-20 provided by the school, students must confirm their own bank balance. The balance must be enough to pay for study expenses to be eligible to study in the US. In particular, the larger the balance, the greater the success rate of financial proof.

Usually you should have an account balance 1.5 times more than the required amount of study to be sure to prove financial success.

What is the tuition fee to be eligible to study in the US?
Paying full tuition fees is a condition of studying in the US that you need to fulfill during your study. The level of tuition fees in the US is not uniform across levels and schools. Tuition costs will increase depending on the popularity of the schools that students apply to attend.

In addition, different faculties within a school also have different tuition fees. Learners need to consider choosing a school according to the prescribed tuition fee to limit economic pressure.

For universities, the tuition fee will range from 3500 USD to 30,000 USD/year. Community colleges will have the lowest tuition fees of only about 3500 USD to 12,000 USD, followed by public universities with tuition fees from 10,000 USD to 20,000 USD. Conditions to study in the US with students attending private universities have the highest fees ranging from 15,000 USD to 30,000 USD.

For graduate programs, the tuition fees offered by schools in the US also vary greatly depending on public and private schools. For a master's degree, the tuition fee ranges from about $28,000 to $38,000, for a PhD, the tuition fee ranges from $32,000 to $46,000.

Living expenses to study in the US
Besides tuition fees, international students need to prepare other living expenses such as housing, transportation, meals, books, personal entertainment. Depending on the circumstances, the conditions for studying in the US will have different costs. Here are some of the basic fees that international students need to pay during their studies:

  • If you live in a dormitory, the entire cost of accommodation and living expenses for international students can range from $3,000 to $9,000. Besides, if you stay outside, international students can pay an amount ranging from 15,000 USD to 18,000 USD/year depending on the location.
  • On average, an international student has to spend between 300 USD and 700 USD a year on travel and exchange during their studies.
  • The cost of books for international students is from 900 USD to 1200 USD depending on the requirements of the teaching units
  • The cost of medical insurance for international students can range from 300 USD to 500 USD
  • Cost of living ranges from 2000 USD to 3000 USD/year
According to the experience of international students, it usually costs from 15,000 USD to 50,000 USD. The reason the cost has such a large fluctuation is due to the characteristics of each school and the different spending needs of individuals. Therefore, before studying abroad, international students need to research and consider carefully to be able to plan costs and prepare the best financial conditions to study in the US.

About TAS . American International School
American International School TAS is one of the American standard educational environments that is being highly appreciated by students and parents for the quality of education. Being involved in studying at the school will help young people train themselves well and have the opportunity to study abroad in the future. The advantages of TAS international school you can refer to.

Comprehensive, high-quality educational program
The school trains according to the modern and advanced educational model of international standards. Students studying at the school are applied a scientific learning program, comprehensively developing both physical, skills and knowledge. The school pays special attention to foreign language education for students so that they are eligible to study in the US in the future.

Students after studying at the school can promote their communication skills in English better than in other learning environments. Besides foreign languages, all other subjects are focused on education so that students can gain the best knowledge to meet the conditions for studying in the US. Therefore, our students always achieve top results in university exams or win great scholarships to study abroad.

In addition to knowledge training, the unit also focuses on training life skills for students. Students are organized to participate in learning programs, have fun, and learn about issues outside of life. Through these programs, students are equipped with skills and well-prepared to deal with pressing issues common in today's society such as: gender, reproductive health, school violence....

The school has a system of golf courses, swimming pools, basketball courts, gyms, etc. to help you practice health and fitness. Thanks to the comprehensive educational program, the students at the school not only excel in their studies but also are active, creative, and easily master their lives.

Modern, friendly learning environment
American International School TAS is a school with modern learning infrastructure that meets international school standards. The school has a total area of ​​3000m2 with 100 modern equipped classrooms. The school has functional rooms for gifted development, science and technology for students to meet international standards. In addition, the school also invested heavily in building halls, theaters, sports fields, amusement parks.. so that students can have the best learning environment.

If you want your child to be eligible to study in the US in terms of both knowledge and life skills, TAS International School is the perfect choice. In addition to education, the school's friendly learning environment also makes it possible for young people to study comfortably and promote all their strengths. The school always educates students in communication skills and social relations. standard association. This helps students when studying abroad can easily adapt to new life.

The school cooperates with American universities to conduct study abroad programs
In addition to advanced training programs that bring comprehensive development to students to be eligible to study in the US, the school also cooperates with many universities in the US. Through the joint training, the school offers many training programs to help students orient and perform well, meeting the conditions to study in the US set by the schools.

In addition, the school's staff always have close exchanges and links with students and parents. Through that, the school offers advice on conditions to study in the US so that students and their families can have a good orientation, creating a strong premise for the future study abroad process.

Reasonable tuition fees
Tuition fees at international schools are always the most concerned issue for parents today. Many families want their children to have the best learning environment but do not have enough financial resources. Coming to TAS international school, the pressure on tuition fees of families will be significantly reduced.

Tuition fees and other living expenses at the school students need to pay range from VND 200 million to VND 300 million/year. In addition, the school also has priority policies to reduce study costs for families with children who have attended the school. In particular, the school has a scholarship program to support excellent students and students with excellent results in competitions.