Studying in the US for artificial intelligence (AI): Stepping into the 4.0 era

Where is the best place to study artificial intelligence (AI)? Let's study abroad with Edutime to discover some good artificial intelligence (AI) schools in the US through the following article!

Never before has the world talked about the industrial revolution 4.0 as much as it does now. Why is the industrial revolution 4.0 so prioritized by many countries such as Germany, the US, the UK, Japan, Korea, and China? Very simply, not racing is 'dead'.

Artificial intelligence is known as the discipline of the future because of its desirable prospects. Especially in the digital era, computers have developed into supercomputers, technology has crept into every industry...

The term Artificial Intelligence is mentioned more and more in national and international conferences. This also becomes a great opportunity for young Vietnamese to actively step out into the world, affirming the intellectual stature of Vietnam

1. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI: Artificial Intelligence) can be defined as a branch of computer science. Involves automating intelligent behaviors. Includes supercomputers that process data at a larger, larger scale, systematic, scientific, and faster level than humans.

If you are a lover of science and technology. You certainly cannot ignore events like:

AlphaGo intelligent computer defeated world Go player Lee Sedol with the final score 4-1
Japan creates an application to recognize handwritten Japanese characters with 99% accuracy
Or IBM created the supercomputer Watson, ...
Those are typical examples for the outstanding development of the artificial intelligence industry in the world.

In the future, artificial intelligence with the attention and development of the giants in the technology industry. It is expected to further expand the scope of application to fields such as: Healthcare, Construction, Banking, Virus Technology...

2. What will you learn when studying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the US?

The Artificial Intelligence industry is built on the basis of information, algorithms, algorithms, logic...

Learners of Artificial Intelligence are required to be familiar with and proficient with programming languages ​​such as Python. In the process of interacting with unique Machine Learning and Deep Learning Libraries like SKLearn and TensorFlow. To create various realistic AI applications.

In addition, the knowledge is also broad-spectrum related to Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Recommender Systems, Data Visualization...

Who should study Artificial Intelligence?
The peculiarity of the Artificial Intelligence industry also requires learners to have certain qualities:

Must know how to code in multiple languages ​​like python, c/+/++ etc.
Must have good problem-solving skills and logical reasoning skills.
Must be good at algorithms and algebra.
Suitable for people who like challenges, like to conquer and create new things.

3. Promising prospect of Artificial Intelligence industry in the future

The field of artificial intelligence is increasingly having a great and profound impact on daily life. Tackling some of the major challenges facing society.

For example, smart cars save hundreds of thousands of lives every year around the world. Or buildings that save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

In medicine, artificial intelligence helps control diseases, prolong life and improve quality of life...

It is because of those great and positive contributions. Artificial intelligence is considered to be an extremely promising field and promises to develop to the top in the future.

HOT artificial intelligence is not only because of its rapid development. Because of the "thirst" for human resources of a young technology industry, but also because it is a challenging industry.

Participating in the science of Artificial Intelligence means you have one foot in the world of the future. Learners of Artificial Intelligence have a mission to realize dreams. Make the impossible possible, the things that are not yet present in life.

In addition, the most attractive feature of the Artificial Intelligence industry is the huge salary after graduation. Even if you work in the US, Vietnam or any other country.

High-paying job opportunities with a science degree in Artificial Intelligence in the US
Upon graduation, students can become:

Data Scientist
AI scientist/analyst/technician
Machine learning analyst/technician
Business transformation consulting
Business analysis
Data Management
Data Engineer
AI system developer
Or work at:

Technology company
Startups and Early Stage Startups
Research Institute