University of Windsor, City of Windsor, Ontario in 2022

Located in the southernmost city of Windsor in Canada, the University of Windsor offers the opportunity to study at a top university at an affordable cost. Many opportunities in a prime location - cuwar is the largest trade lane in North America, just 5 minutes from Detroit, the largest city in the US state of Michigan. Scholarship opportunities for international students up to 36,000 CAD.

Introducing a couple of highlights about the school

The University of Windsor is a comprehensive university in Canada, established in 1857. The University of Windsor is ranked in the Top 3% in the world (751-800 QS World Universities Ranking 2021). In particular, the school's Odette School of Business is AASCB certified - this is a certificate given to the Top 5% of the best business schools in the world and its Faculty of Engineering is certified by CEAB (Canadian). Engineering Accreditation Board). There are more than 16,000 students studying at the University of Windsor, of which about 23% are international students from nearly 100 countries around the world. The learning environment ensures a close bond between students and faculty with a student:faculty ratio of 26:1.

The school has a main campus located on the banks of the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario. It can be said that this is an extremely favorable location, with "1-0-2" of Canada:

Canada's Southernmost Point – The climate is warm and pleasant;

  • North America's largest trade gateway and 2nd largest in the world - North American logistics supply chain center, the most attractive medium-sized city for investment in Canada;
  • The city of Windsor is the closest to the United States, less than 5 minutes to downtown Detroit, the largest city in Michigan and an important cultural center of the United States;
  • The city of Windsor is also considered the capital of the automotive and mechanical industry of Canada – promoting the development of the manufacturing, automotive, aircraft, medical equipment industries;
  • Windsor is in the Top 6 safest cities in Canada - Top 4 culturally diverse cities after Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal - Top 2 destinations with the lowest cost of living in Ontario...
  • In addition, students will learn in a safe, friendly and culturally diverse environment. The school's main campus is only a few minutes away from Windsor city centre, so students can easily access places to eat, drink, entertain, find part-time job opportunities, practice internships... in the process. study program.

The school is constantly innovating and has recently invested in additional facilities right in the heart of Windsor for a number of music, arts and other activities. In addition, the school has 4 fully equipped dormitories to serve the study and activities of students. There are also clubs and organizations on campus that create a dynamic learning environment, and the school offers a variety of support services for international students both academically and personally to help students integrate. new environment as well as achieve their learning goals.

Education program

English Language Improvement Program (ELIP)

For students who have not met the direct English entry requirements. The program has 5 levels, 12 weeks/level. Students will be given an entrance test to determine their level of English. The program focuses on the development of foreign language and academic skills taught with the application of new technologies. Students who complete Level 3 can enter the mainstream University of Windsor program. Tuition: 4,450 CAD/level.

Bachelor Degree Program

Business: Business Administration (Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Marketing, Strategy & Business, Supply Chain & Business Analytics), Business Administration and Computer Science, Business Administration and Economics, Business Administration and Mathematics, Business Administration and Political Science, Business Administration and Psychology, Business Administration and Women and Gender Studies, Management Business Administration (for CAAT (Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology) diploma holders), Business Administration for Bachelor's degree holders.

Arts, social sciences and humanities: Acting, Aviation Administration, Media and Film, Criminology (Criminology, Sociology and Criminology), Disability Studies (Disability Studies) Disability, Social Work and Disability Studies, Disability Research and Psychology, Disability Studies for CAAT Diploma Holders), Dramatic Arts (Drama, Drama in Pedagogy and Community), Language English (English, English and Composition, English/Pedagogical), Family and Social Relations, Film Production, French Studies, Greek and Roman Studies, History, Science and multidisciplinary arts, International relations and development studies, Law and politics, Liberal and professional studies, Modern languages ​​(Modern languages ​​with a year of study abroad, Current languages college with two elective languages), Music, Philosophy, Political Science (Political Science, Political Science with specialization

Post Graduate Certificate Program (Diploma)

  • Business (Post Graduate Certificate in Accounting): Accounting
  • Nursing (Graduate Diploma): Health care nursing

Master's Degree Program

  • Business: Business Administration, Business Administration-Professional Accounting, Administration (Business Data Analytics, Human Resource Management, International Accounting and Finance, Logistics and Supply Chain Management).
  • Arts, social sciences and humanities: Communication and social justice, Criminology, English, Film and media arts, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology , Social work, Sociology, Visual arts.
  • Pedagogy: Pedagogy (Course Studies, Educational Administration and Leadership, Second Language Learning, Culture and Society).
  • Engineering: Engine engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Engineering administration, Engineering materials, Environmental engineering, Industrial engineering, Chemistry and materials engineering, Mechanical engineering- Engine, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Science: actuarial science, applied computing, applied economics and policy, biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, computer science, earth science, economics, science Environmental studies, Mathematics and statistics, Medical biotechnology, Physics.
  • Human kinematics: The science of movement
  • Law: Law
  • Nursing: Nursing

Input required

High School Graduation (when applying for a Bachelor's Program)/University (when applying for a Graduate Program), IELTS 6.5/Toefl Ibt 83 (writing skill 20)/Registering for an ELIP, GMAT/GRE program (depending on the language) according to the field of study Postgraduate applied for), 2-3 letters of recommendation (when applying for the Graduate Program, except for the Master of Administration and the Master of Engineering programs).

Admission period: January, May, September (Depending on industry)